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Australian National Safe Work Month

8 October 2019

Story from NRSPP.

October is National Safe Work Month in Australia, which is a national campaign to raise awareness about WHS in the Australian working community.

At the forefront of worker fatalities is vehicle collisions accounting for 39% of worker fatalities (2003 to 2016). For many businesses the risk management approach to the vehicle as a workplace is entirely different, even non-existent, to workers on a factory floor, building site, office, etc...

Organisations within the National Road Safety Partnership Programme (NRSPP) all provide the same common narrative, the vehicle is a key risk and often was initially overlooked.

However, once identified the organisations developed a long term plan with their workers driving their road safety improvements which recognising it as sound investment improving culture, productivity, environmental emissions and efficiency.

If you want to be inspired this Safe Work Month explore: NRSPP Road Safety Case Study Themes and Issues.