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Biker Down training course

1 June 2017

Story from the Road Safety Knowledge Centre

The Biker Down course offers people the opportunity to train in essential life skills and knowledge to help them cope should they encounter or be involved in a road traffic collision.

The course is designed to bring about a sense of responsibility when out on the road and hopefully a change in attitude in both riding technique and how bikers would react at the roadside. It is free to all bikers of all ages and abilities, so that there is no financial barrier to taking part.

From small beginnings the course has steadily grown to gain national coverage. In December 2012 it was awarded with a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award , followed by a National 'Alarm' Award in August 2013.

There are now 32 areas around Scotland, England Wales and the Channel Islands running the course, with several more areas in the process of setting it up.

The Biker Down workshop lasts approximately three hours and is broken down into three modules:

  • Module one: Looks at the initial scene management and the protection of those present and risk assessing the scene.
  • Module two: Focuses on assessing the casualty when dealing with trauma, and when and how to safely remove a motorcyclist’s helmet.
  • Module three: Focuses on issues surrounding being seen as a motorcyclist including motion camouflage, saccadic masking and issues around ineffective conspicuity strategies.

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