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Drug driving crackdown means more dangerous motorists off roads

1 September 2017

Government action is now ensuring police forces have access to improved screening equipment to test suspected drug drivers and therefore motorists are now just as likely to be convicted for driving under the influence of drugs as they are for drunk driving.

A new law introduced in 2015 makes it illegal to drive with certain drugs in the body above specified limits, and includes 8 illegal drugs and 9 prescription drugs. If caught, drivers can lose their licence for at least a year, be fined up to £5,000 or even end up in prison.

2015 saw 1,442 motorists in the UK – about 4 a day - convicted for offences including being in charge of, attempting to drive, or causing death after exceeding the legal drug limit.

Transport Minister Paul Maynard said, 'Driving under the influence of drugs has no place in our society. It devastates families and ruins lives. Our tough approach has taken dangerous drivers off our roads and is stopping other crimes taking place. With higher prosecutions and convictions, we are delivering on our clear message that if you take drugs and drive, you will face the consequences.'


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