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Global NCAP wins Premier Award

20 December 2016

The Global New Car Assessment Programme (Global NCAP) has won the Premier Award at the 2016 Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards.

Global NCAP seeks to promote public safety and public health by conducting independent research and testing programmes to assess the safety and environmental characteristics of motor vehicles and their comparative performance with others.

It also promotes the development of new car assessment programmes, by providing financial support and technical assistance, and facilitating international co-operation with and between such programmes.

Prince Michael praised Global NCAP, saying the organisation is responsible for a “huge advance” in the way cars are manufactured.

In a video posted on Twitter, Prince Michael said, “This year’s winner is Global NCAP. Max Mosley, who after all started it off with Euro NCAP, is responsible for this huge advance in the way cars are manufactured.

“What NCAP does is raise the standards of cars that are built. They are crash tested and awarded from one to five stars depending on how good they are.

“In my opinion, the cars that are made should not be anything less than five star because it takes time, application, resources and effort to get them to that standard.”

David Ward Secretary-General, Global NCAP, said, “We are incredibly proud to have won the Premier Award this year. It came as a complete surprise, but a very happy surprise.

“It’s a tremendous tribute, not just to the incredibly dedicated team I have at Global NCAP, but all the partners we work with, the other NCAPs around the world.

“We are a community, a family, working together on a common passion to improve vehicle safety and to receive this recognition is a wonderful thing.”

Prince Michael added, “I’m delighted, as always, with the quality of people who have submitted for an award.

“It is a wide variety of people from all over the world and the amount of people who are still willing to do that is very admirable.”

Max Mosley, Chairman Global NCAP, Prince Michael and David Ward, Secretary-General Global NCAP.


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