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IOGP wins prestigious road safety award

8 December 2015

The International Association of Oil ) has been awarded a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in recognition of its Land Transportation Safety programme.

Albert Ploeg, IOGP Land Transportation Safety Subcommittee Chairman, and Michael Engell-Jensen, Executive Director, received the prestigious award in London from His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent who is the Patron of the Commission for Global Road Safety.

“I am proud to receive this award on behalf of IOGP’s Land Transportation Safety Subcommittee,” said Albert. “This award recognises the contributions of IOGP members and the hard work of many individuals over more than 10 years now. Amongst the many contributors, I wish to thank Derek Tate who has played a key role in the team achieving its goal.”

IOGP was recognised for a programme of Land transportation safety recommended practice documents that, when implemented, led to a significant reduction in fatalities amongst operators and contractors.

The guidelines provide industry with advice on ways to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, the number of serious road traffic incidents and fatalities through the implementation of land transport safety elements within a management system.

“Land transportation safety recommended practice” and its 17 supporting guidance documents, are designed to be applicable to all land transportation activities in the upstream oil and gas industry, including those of operators, contractors and subcontractors.

They are based on IOGP member experience and best practice found to be effective in reducing injury and fatalities due to land transportation activities in the upstream oil and gas industry.

However, the reports reach far beyond the upstream oil and gas industry. They are used in the downstream oil and gas industry and also outside of the industry.

 “This programme is an example of how IOGP helps to save lives and improve safety in the industry,” said Michael Engell-Jensen. “Analysis of our safety data between 1991 and 2012 shows a total of 501 fatalities as a result of land transportation incidents. Since 2008, the number has significantly reduced to 6 fatalities reported in 2014.

“We also address safety in many other areas. Our ‘Life-Saving Rules’ (a series of safety icons and posters) help modify worker and supervisor behaviour in the workplace by raising awareness of the activities that are most likely to result in fatalities and the simple actions individuals can take to protect themselves and others. Analysis of 2012 data shows that 79% of the fatal incidents reported might have been avoided had these rules been implemented and followed.”



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