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More evidence to show effectiveness of average speed cameras

29 June 2018

A survey by RAC of more than 2,000 motorists found that 79% believe average speed cameras are better at slowing down vehicles compared to just one in 10 (9%) who felt single location cameras were more effective.

As reported by Fleet News the report highlights that while 70% of those questioned felt traditional speed cameras were effective at getting drivers to slow down at their specific location, 80% said they made little difference beyond where they are sited.

In contrast average speed cameras, which work over longer distances between two or more locations, were thought to be far better at getting drivers to stick to the speed limit, with 86% claiming they were very (38%) or reasonably (48%) effective. Only 12% did not believe them to be very effective.

When asked if they felt one type of camera was fairer on motorists, nearly half (46%) said that it was not a question of whether one is fairer than the other, but that they are both there to improve road safety.

The research suggests the growing use of average speed cameras (ASC) in motorway roadworks and increasingly on sections of A-road is reinforcing the road safety message as they are extremely effective at slowing down drivers. Evidence available on The UK Road Safety Observatory shows that ASC systems are effective in reducing collisions , especially those of a high severity

En example cited in the report is the A9 in Scotland - a winner of a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award  the number of deaths has halved since average speed cameras were introduced between Dunblane and Inverness in October 2014.

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