Second UN Global Road Safety Week 2013

RoadSafe as a member of the UN Road Safety Collaboration is pleased to announce the dates and theme for the Second UN Global Road Safety Week.

Called for in the April 2012 UN General Assembly resolution on Improving global road safety, the Week will be celebrated from 6-12 May 2013.

The theme is “pedestrian safety”. Pedestrians constitute a major group at risk of death, injury and disability on the road, and are among the most vulnerable road users.

The Week will contribute to:

  • drawing attention to the need for pedestrian safety;
  • generating action on measures which work to increase pedestrian safety; and
  • achieving the goal of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 to save 5 million lives.

Leading up to the week RoadSafe will highlight successful pedestrian safety initiatives and seeks ideas and suggestions from all who receive  RoadSafe News.

Governments, with support from civil society, academia, the private sector and the international community, are all encouraged to plan and host national and local events during the Second UN Global Road Safety Week.

Published: 3 July 2012

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