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CIECA Congress 2015 (25 Mar 15)
Registration for the CIECA congress 2015 is now open.

New Ford technology prevents drivers exceeding the limits (25 Mar 15)
Ford of Europe is launching a new technology that could help prevent drivers from exceeding speed limits, and potentially from incurring costly speeding penalties

Performance-Based Contracts (21 Mar 15)
The International Road Federation is pleased to announce its Executive Certified Training on Performance-Based Contracts will be held May 18th-28th, 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Are you committed to Global Road Safety Week? (19 Mar 15)
The focus of Global Road Safety Week is child road safety, using the slogan #SaveKidsLives.

Road Safety Engineering Manuals for Africa (18 Mar 15)
The African Development Bank (AfDB) has just published the English version of three road safety engineering manuals for Africa.

Call for road safety "election pledge" (13 Mar 15)
An alliance of UK's leading road safety organisations has written to the political parties asking them to "include road safety as an election pledge"

Ambitious Safety Target for Highways England (12 Mar 15)
No one should be harmed when travelling or working on the Strategic Road Network to be managed by Highways England

Road Safety Grants Programme: (11 Mar 15)
Call for Proposals for Round 7 of the Road Safety Grants Programme.

Millions of new cars worldwide fail UN safety standards (10 Mar 15)
Millions of new cars sold in middle and low income countries fail to meet the UN's basic safety standards for front and side impacts revealed international automotive safety watchdog Global NCAP

Police research directs enforcement effort. (6 Mar 15)
Recent TRL research for Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Constabulary reviews the non-compliance levels for high risk behaviours and estimates the numbers of lives that could be saved with increased compliance.

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