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Vehicle and road construction rules to improve safety (5 Mar 15)
New vehicle technologies and extension of EU infrastructure safety rules could prevent thousands of collisions on motorways

New Collaboration for Safer Roads (4 Mar 15)
A new coalition of organisations advocating for 'minimum 3 star' road infrastructure safety for all road users in developing countries has been established.

New drug driving law comes into force (2 Mar 15)
A new law to make it easier for police to catch and convict drug drivers has taken effect in England and Wales.

UK child restraints statistics revealed (2 Mar 15)
One in ten children and babies' lives are at risk because they are not belting up, damning new government figures have revealed.

UK road safety professionals encouraged to participate in Global Road Safety Week (1 Mar 15)
Road safety professionals are being encouraged to put themselves forward for an initiative which forms part of efforts in the UK to support Global Road Safety Week 2015.

Mobile phone and seat belt usage report published (25 Feb 15)
Latest Government research shows reveals 10 per cent of rear seat passengers are un-belted but it was mobile phone use which made headline news.

CIECA Congress 2015 (25 Feb 15)
Registration for the CIECA congress 2015 is now open.

New system detects drivers' mobile phone use in Norfolk (24 Feb 15)
A new system that detects whether a mobile phone is being used in a vehicle is about to be rolled out across Norfolk following a successful trial.

Fatigue management (19 Feb 15)
Transport and driver fatigue is a particularly common cause of work-related road traffic collisions resulting in injury or death.

PACTS:UK Road Safety Summit (18 Feb 15)
This summit organised by PACTS will take place on the 18th March 2015.

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