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PACTS Autumn Conference (10 Sep 14)
The forthcoming PACTS conference will be held on the 22nd October.

ACFO approves news DVLA checking service (10 Sep 14)
ACFO is optimistic that the Driver and Vehice Licensing Agency's new online driver licence checking service will meet with the approval of operators.

Bike Pal Project (29 Aug 14)
Making Cycling Safer Bike Pal Project Final Conference Brussels - 22 September 2014 - 09:00 - 13:30

Driverless Cars - call for responses (14 Aug 14)
The DfT have called for responses to its discussion document.

Ramadan: an occasion of coming together for road safety (9 Aug 14)
Ramadan is an occasion of coming together for road safety. GRSP shows examples of how.

Public Support for Graduated Licensing (1 Aug 14)
British public back measures to cut death and injury on the roads through limited restriction on newly qualified young drivers.

Driving in the wet weather - Tyre Safety Month (31 Jul 14)
After the wettest winter on record, this year's Tyre Safety Month campaign will focus on the importance of driving on tyres with adequate tread depth, with a particular emphasis on the dangers of aquaplaning.

Driverless cars could be trialled in cities from 2015 (31 Jul 14)
The UK Department for Transport has announced two new measures that give the green light for driverless cars to take to UK roads from January 2015.

New Manual for managers (30 Jul 14)
A new Web-Based Road Safety Manual for Road Managers is to be released by The World Road Association (PIARC)

Brake launches global site (25 Jul 14)
A new web site provides resources, examples and guidance to help NGOs, governments, companies and educators around the world run successful road safety events.

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