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Safer Roads Berkshire is recognised with Royal Award (26 Nov 14)
After three years of a pioneering new approach to road safety in the county, Safer Roads Berkshire has been recognised with a prestigious royal award in recognition of its outstanding contribution to improving road safety.

Road Safety Observatory: User Survey (17 Nov 14)
The Road Safety Observatory Programme Board would like to invite you to participate in a User Survey of the Road Safety Observatory.

DfT commisions research into telematics effect on young drivers (17 Nov 14)
We welcome the announcement that the Department for Transport has commissioned research into the effect which telematics can have on novice drivers.

Black box insurance could help avoid new driver crashes (17 Nov 14)
40 percent of new driver crashes involving 17 to 25-year-old drivers could be avoided through mass market adoption of black box insurance, according to a report published today by young driver insurer ingenie.

IAM publishes road safety manifesto (14 Nov 14)
The Institute of Advanced Motorists has published its road safety manifesto for the upcoming general election, calling for urgent support from all political parties to promote driver and rider improvement on UK roads.

Young Driver Focus event 2015 (14 Nov 14)
The date and venue for the Young Driver Focus 2015 conference have been unveiled.

12th International Conference Protection of Children in Cars (14 Nov 14)
This 12th international conference will take place on the 4th December 2014 in Munich, Germany.

The International Transport Forum marks 25 years of IRTAD. (12 Nov 14)
The International Transport Forum marks the 25th anniversary of IRTAD. A household name in the road safety community, the IRTAD acronym denotes both a database and the only permanent working group of the ITF.

UK hazard perception test wins Royal Award (12 Nov 14)
Work by TRL, which led to the implementation of hazard perception testing in the GB driving theory test has been recognised with a major award.

Fifty Years of UK Drink Drive Campaigning (7 Nov 14)
On the 50th anniversary of the first UK public information film, new research from THINK! shows how much attitudes have changed to drink driving in the last half century.

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