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New junction safer for cycliste (28 Aug 15)
new junction designed to avoid cyclists being hit by left-turning traffic has been unveiled in London.

UK Road Safety Week (27 Aug 15)
Emergency services are urged to register now for Road Safety Week free 'drive less, live more'resources as e-action pack launches next month

Helmet scheme needs better promotion (24 Aug 15)
Need to improve knowledge and awareness of SHARP

Turning off street lights may have no effect on safety (10 Aug 15)
A new study suggests that switching off street lights at night has had no adverse effect on road casualties, public health or crime levels.

World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (10 Aug 15)
World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims 20th anniversary

Road safety targets approved at UN negotiations (6 Aug 15)
Road safety targets have been included in the final text of the new Sustainable Development Goals adopted by UN member states in New York.

IAM reveals worrying extent of mobile phone use by drivers (24 Jul 15)
New research by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) reveals the shocking extent to which drivers use their phones and tablets to take selfies, make video calls and watch videos while driving.

Engaging young people with safe and sustainable travel (23 Jul 15)
Road Safety charity Brake's webinar for road safety professionals will provide attendees with guidance on successfully engaging young people with road safety and sustainable and active travel.

Latin NCAP results (20 Jul 15)
The latest Latin NCAP results show important progress but also reveal the continued sale of some cars with sub-standard levels of safety.

Prince Michael International Road Safety Award nominations (17 Jul 15)
Nominations for the 2015 Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards are due by 5th August.

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