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Changing attitudes is the key to safer young drivers

13 August 2010

Research released today by Sky News, indicates that the Pass Plus test does not improve safety. The report suggests that there is no evidence that Pass Plus makes a young motorist any safer and less likely to have an accident in the future.

The Kirklees Enhanced Pass Plus programme which won a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in 2007 aimed to reduce crash involvement by:
• Increasing the drivers’ awareness of human factors that affect driving performance and their particular impact on novice drivers.
• Improving their ability to analyse near misses and self-evaluate driving performance, thereby becoming self-improving.
• An improvement in attitude towards the driving task.

RoadSafe believes that the key to reducing crashes lies in improving young driver’s understanding and management of risk. We therefore support further research into pre-test education and support approaches such as that offered through the a²om BTEC in Driving Science ,as these hold the key to improved safety especially in the early years of driving. Above all we look forward to this aspect of training being fully embraced in the revie currently being undertaken by Government.

RoadSafe also points to the critical importance of ensuring that young drivers use the safest cars available especially those equipped witheSafety systems and points to the significance of their contribution to casualty reduction as shown by the 16% reduction in-car users killed in 2009.

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