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Motoring Facts 2010 - IAM report

15 November 2010

The spectacular reductions in deaths on Britain's roads in recent years, and the cost-benefits incurred, are the centrepiece of the IAM's (Institute of Advanced Motorists) report, Deaths and Injuries on Britain's Roads, published on 15 November.

Success in reducing casualties has moved the UK to number one in the world road-safety league table of safest roads in 2009, from 6th in 2007 and 4th in 2008. Within the European Union, the UK has half the road death rates of Austria, Belgium, Portugal and Luxembourg.

This does not mean we can be complacent: 2,222 people were killed on UK roads in 2009. Every road death causes pain and suffering, and each costs the UK £1.79million in lost output.

Announcing the report, Neil Greig, IAM Director of Policy and Research, said, "Deaths on Britain's roads have halved over the past 20 years with 31,000 deaths avoided and savings to the economy of around £50 billion." 

The IAM calculates that achieving similar targets for road deaths by 2020 would save society 2,500 lives and more than £4billion.

The latest report is an update of the previous IAM Motoring Facts, and is compiled from official accident reports and other authoritative sources.

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