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Youngest and oldest fleets drivers not always biggest crash risk

16 November 2010

The youngest and oldest company car, van and truck drivers are not always the biggest accident risk for employers, new research shows.

Figures released by fleet software firm CFC Solutions break down the percentage of drivers with driving licence endorsement points by age, based on the thousands of users of its Licence Link licence checking software.

The aim of the company’s research was to examine the widely held assumption that the youngest and oldest drivers pose the greatest accident risk for fleets, with the findings based on their propensity to have points added to their licence.

Neville Briggs, managing director at CFC, said, “Perceived wisdom in risk management for many years has been that the youngest and oldest drivers represent the highest risk and these figures largely confirm that.

“Younger drivers may lack road experience and because of this are poorer judges of road situations, while older drivers will tend to have poorer reaction times and a general decline in awareness.

“This means that drivers aged below 24 and above 65 may require special attention when it comes to employers ensuring that everything reasonable is done to prevent them from being involved in accidents.”

Such attention has been provided by Driving for Better partner RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), in the form of their Young Drivers at Work project, which has recently won a Prince Michael Road Safety Award.

The scope was to get a better understanding of the risks faced, and created, by young (17-24 years) drivers at work.

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