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Support for cameras reaches record level

16 November 2010

Three quarters of AA members now accept the use of speed cameras, according to a new AA/Populus poll of 18,251 people.

Acceptance levels have increased from 69% in the last poll to a record high of 75%, despite or perhaps because of, talk about the ‘war on the motorist’ and the scrapping of cameras.

The figures were revealed on the day that Oxfordshire reached agreement to switch its cameras back on. Support in Oxfordshire for cameras is running at 77% perhaps because residents and drivers were shocked by the increase in speeding since the cameras were turned off, said the motoring organisation.

AA president Edmund King said, “The AA has been monitoring the public acceptance of cameras for 10 years and the level of acceptance has been around 70%. This latest poll shows the highest levels of support ever.

“Perhaps speculation about turning off more cameras has ironically led to greater support. We hope that these findings are taken into account when Government and local authorities are prioritising spending for the future.

“We have always said that cameras are just one part of the solution to make roads safer. We also need to see wider police enforcement of dangerous driving, better engineering of accident blackspots and more comprehensive driver education.”

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