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National Speed Awareness Scheme

16 December 2010

RoadSafe welcomes the new  National Speed Awareness Scheme, which developed from the success of the well-established National Driver Improvement Scheme (NDIS).

The Speed Awareness Scheme gives police the discretion to send drivers found speeding on a speed awareness course as an alternative to prosecution. It is available for all speed bands and classes of vehicle speeds except 20 mph zones.

The scheme's legal authority lies with the police, who decide whether to instigate proceedings for offences, but it does not diminish the Courts' authority. It is intended to broach drivers’ attitude and behaviour towards inappropriate driving speeds, which in turn leads to a reduction in re-offending and ultimately contributes to road safety.

For many years, RoadSafe has held the view that education is a viable alternative to prosecution where it is evident that a driver has made a mistake or misjudgement and has not been reckless. 

Speed awareness and driver improvement courses have been recognised with Prince Michael Awards.

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