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New Research highlights Failing to Look as main driver error

13 April 2011

IAM research shows that driver and rider error or reaction are behind the top three causes of fatal and serious crashes.

Licensed to skill: Contributory factors in accidents, presents the analysis of five years worth of accident data, recorded by the police between 2005 and 2009.

Factors including ‘failed to look properly’ ‘loss of control’ and ‘poor turn or manoeuvre’, accounted for 65.3 per cent of fatal, 61.8 per cent of serious and 68.6 per cent of slight accidents. Injudicious action - illegal or unwise judgements – such as exceeding the speed limit, following too close, or making an illegal turn, was the second biggest factor, accounting for another 31.4 per cent of accidents. Alcohol was a relatively minor factor, listed in only ten per cent of fatal accidents.

Licensed to Skill - the full report is available here.

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