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Motorcycle Crash Card Success

19 July 2012

Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia USA recently presented the 200,000th Rider Alert card to Ian Burrell, Paramedic and General Secretary of the UK Ambulance Motorcycle Club, as a token of partnership between the two countries and their shared vision of motorcycle safety. 

Rider Alert is a motorcycle safety programme where a medical information card is placed inside the rider’s helmet for use by EMS and public safety agencies in the event of an accident.  It won a Prince Michael International Award in 2011. The presentation was made during a meeting with public safety staff from the United Kingdom involved with the production and promotion of the CRASH card.  During the meeting, Governor McDonnell formally recognized the UK/Virginia link and thanked them for their partnership in bringing a sharp transatlantic focus to motorcycle safety.

The Rider Alert programme began as a concept of the UK Ambulance Motorcycle Club and is called CRASH card in the United Kingdom.  In April 2011, it  was introduced in Virginia and rebranded as Rider Alert. In the intervening 15 months, through sponsorship, 200,000 Rider Alert cards have been produced and are finding their way into rider’s helmets initially across Virginia and now spreading into other states including New York, Texas, Arizona and Kentucky.

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