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Fresh Approach Achieves Prince Michael Road Safety Award

1 November 2006

The ‘Where You Look Is where You Go’ (WYLIWYG) initiative, created by Buckinghamshire’s Casualty Reduction Team, has been awarded the Prince Michael Motorcycle Industry Road Safety Award for its fresh approach to reducing motorcycle casualties in its region.

Buckinghamshire County Council’s casualty reduction team recognised that single vehicles losing control on rural roads accounted for the largest number of crashes so set out to solve the problem of these crashes, mainly on left-had bends.

Traditionally, hazard markers are placed to highlight the ‘crown’ of a bend. However, WYLIWYG takes the marker posts further round the bend to the point where the ‘vanishing’ point starts moving away from the biker’s view, which is often into the straight.  In addition, the posts are placed closer together so that they keep appearing into the rider’s view, focusing on a point around the bend allowing the rider to negotiate the hazard safely.

In practice, riding, driving and filming the treated bend, the markers create an optical illusion – they ‘pop out’ of the ‘vanishing’ point into the approaching rider’s view, concentrating focus on them so instead of being distracted by anything else, ‘where the biker looks, the biker goes’!

The award is sponsored by the Motor Cycle Industry Association and is given to the organisation that has been able to demonstrate innovative and effective ways of reducing motorcycle casualties.
WYLIWYG  is recommended in The Institute of Highway Incorporated Engineers (IHIE)

Guidelines for Motorcycling  ~ Improving safety through engineering and integration, which itself won an award in 2005  www.ihie.org.uk/index3.asp?cat=6&d=2&pageid=937298