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Fatigue - Advice from Leading Company

18 March 2014

It is easy to underestimate the effect fatigue can have on a driver. In fact, according to research driver fatigue is a major contributing factor in up to 20% of all road traffic fatalities - even more so than drugs or alcohol.

The primary cause of fatigue is clear: insufficient sleep - either short-term (less than 5 hours sleep in the last 24 hours) or long-term (less than 12 hours sleep in the last 48 hours and less than 50 hours sleep in the preceding week). Other contributing factors can also include a driver’s eating pattern, fitness and general health.

With many hours spent on the road driving long, straight roads at relatively constant speed, safe drivers know to be vigilant for signs of fatigue – especially between 2-5am, and during a ‘sleepy dip’ around 2pm

Shell, a Global exemplar of good practice has now issued vital advice on how to manage fatigue to its staff and has made this available to others.

Shell won a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in 2013.

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