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Department for Transport publishes annual report

29 September 2014

The Department for Tansport has published its Reported road casualties Great Britain: annual report 2013.

The findings for 2013 include:

  • road deaths decreased by 2% compared to 2012, to 1,713. This is the lowest figure since national records began  in 1926
  • the number of people seriously injured decreased by 6% to 21,657, compared to 2012
  • the total number of casualties in road accidents reported to the police was 183,670, down 6% from the 2012 total
  • vehicle traffic levels have remained broadly stable with a small increase of 0.4% between 2012 and 2013
  • pedal cyclist deaths decreased by 8% to 109, compared to 118 in 2012
  • pedal cyclist deaths have seen a long-term fall, but have fluctuated between roughly 100 and 120 over the last six years. Since records began in the 1920s, the highest annual figure seen for cyclist deaths was 1,536 in 1934. The lowest annual figure for pedal cyclist deaths was 104 in 2009, 93% lower than the 1934 high
  • our best current estimate, derived from the NTS data, is that the total number of road casualties in Great Britain annually, including those not reported to the police, is within the range 630 to 800 thousand with a central estimate of 720,000
  • the latest estimates of drink drive casualties are for 2012 and show that there were 230 drink drive deaths in 2012, not significantly different to the previous two years.

To download the reports please click here.

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