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Royal Award for Campaigns in Scotland

29 October 2014

Road Safety Scotland and the Scottish Government have been recognised with a Prince Michael International Award for their ‘Don’t risk it’ strategic campaign.

The core principle which underpins all road safety communications in Scotland is based on the proposition that all too often, road accidents result from risky driver behaviour. Whether this is drinking before driving, succumbing to road rage or distraction when children are in the car, or driving too fast for the conditions, one central thought recurs: ‘Don’t Risk It.’

The strategy aims to be at the forefront of global road safety communications. Three ground-breaking campaigns were delivered under this umbrella strategy.

One element of the strategic communications campaign highlighted by the award judges is Kids in the Car - a world-first campaign based on the key insight that children absorb more than parents think whilst in the car and that, vitally, this can go on to impact their safety as drivers in future. The campaign seeks to persuade parents that every time they get behind the wheel, they’re giving their children a driving lesson which could save their lives in future. This lead to the creative strapline: ‘What kind of driver are you teaching your child to be? Don’t Risk It.’

A driver under the age of 20 is killed or seriously injured on Scotland’s roads every week.

The three 2013 Don’t Risk It campaigns were fully integrated, with TV plus additional media (radio, outdoor, online), supported with PR, social media, digital, field marketing and partnership activity.

An independent study conservatively estimated that as a result of the Don’t Risk It 2013 strategy, 97 accidents were prevented at a saving to the economy of £11.9m. And at least three lives were saved.

85% of parents who saw the Kids in the Car campaign were motivated to reassess their behaviour when driving with children, with an estimated return on social marketing investment (ROSMI) of £4.80:£1.
Supt Iain Murray, Head of Road Traffic Policing at Police Scotland, said the Kids in the Car campaign was “amazing, and one of the best I’ve seen”.

The number of people who feel it’s socially unacceptable to drink before driving rose from 86% to 90% as a result of the 2013 Blue Light campaign. Drink Drive convictions fell by 70 during the campaign period over the previous year, despite more drivers being stopped. The campaign is estimated to have given an ROSMI of £7.76:£1.

The Country Roads campaign has proven to be one of our most successful ever, with 93% of the target audience motivated to change how they drive on country roads. It is estimated to have prevented 46 accidents, and gave an unprecedented ROSMI of £15.01:£1.

Jointly, the three campaigns achieved the following:

• 124m opportunities to see PR coverage and a PR value of £1.4m.
• 237,685 YouTube views.
• Over 7,000 partnerships secured across public and private organisations. including the NHS, John Lewis, Scottish Rugby Union, Scottish Premier Football League. Scottish Golf Union, Halfords, Arnold Clark and Mumsnet.
• 41,271 people engaged with through field marketing activity.
• 23,860 unique visitors to the website.
• Nearly 10K likes of the RSS facebook page.

Scotland’s Road Safety Framework to 2020 sets a target to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on Scotland’s roads by 40% and 55% respectively by 2020. The ‘Don’t Risk It’ umbrella communications strategy, which has been in existence since 2005, seeks to contribute to these reductions by helping deliver the commitments within the Framework and realising the Scottish Government‘s high-level National Outcome of reducing deaths on Scotland‘s roads. We are committed to developing new campaigns within the Don’t Risk It strategy to contribute towards this reduction.

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