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South Wales Police Driving Unit wins Royal Award

17 December 2014

The South Wales Police Driver Training Department has ‘driven off’ with a prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award

These awards recognise outstanding achievement and innovation in road safety. The award to South Wales Police recognises the holistic approach being taken to the management of employees who drive for work.

The Annual Awards Ceremony has become an extremely prestigious event in the British road safety calendar.

Mr Mark Milton Director of HR, South Wales Police and Gwent said, “This award highlights our commitment, passion and dedication to improving road safety – and only enhances South Wales Police’s reputation within the police family even further.

“The judges highlighted that our driving unit provided an outstanding example of good management and wanted to congratulate the entire team responsible, which is led by Gareth Morgan.

“We should be extremely proud of this recognition and it demonstrates the high-level South Wales Police Driver Training is respected within the industry – it is an excellent achievement.”

Please find more information about the South Wales Police Driver Training Unit below:

First unveiled in 2008, the Simulator and Driver Training department have acquired some impressive clients along the way including the prison service and military, Qatar Police and HRH Prince of Wales chauffeur.

Headed up by former roads policing Sergeant Gareth Morgan, the team is 13-strong and provides an innovative product that is renowned across the police family and beyond.

With a multitude of benefits such as improved safety for South Wales Police drivers and the public they serve, the department has also supported the force’s economic challenges with income generation – topping more than £500k in the last three years.

The project lead Mr Gareth Morgan undertook an MSc in Driver Behaviour at Cranfield University’s, to especially design a validated approach for this facility.

He subsequently developed an entirely novel approach of blended science in the design of a police driving simulator and the introduction of a psychometric assessment of police driver behaviour for the training curriculum. During the course evaluation Gareth designed the simulator based on the research in the field and his theses focused on its validation.

Sustainability and Psychometric facts:

The project is self financing, set up costs were recovered within the first year, and now runs at a profit in terms of the accident reduction rates.
• There has been a direct cost saving of officers suspended from duty time due to police accidents.
• A decrease of 10 per cent in police accidents initially, a saving of 225 hours of police officers ‘down time’, which equated to £7,087.50 over the first year. This saving is calculated as the time saved in accident investigation.
• Accident reduction has produced a quantifiable saving on force insurance premiums by decreasing damages paid to victims of Police related accidents
• Psychometric profiling interventions produced a reduction of 6 per cent in Police Fatigue
• Reduced abstraction rates for police officers are a significant return on investment. In reassessments alone a cost saving year on year of £88,958.

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