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Bank Holiday driving

1 May 2006

With the Bank Holiday looming it is heartening to read that West Yorkshire’s unique and ambitious casualty reduction initiative, Safer Roads Day on May 1st produced NO FATALITIES, on a day when statistically there are usually at least one and often two deaths on the road
ONLY ONE crash that caused 2 serious injuries, when there between six and eight serious injuries usually occur.

Organisers West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership says the ZERO road deaths is particularly welcome, but it’s unfortunate that two people sustained injuries in the road crash… especially as it came after more than 18 hours incident free out of the 24.

From one minute past midnight on Bank Holiday Monday, right though to 6pm, the roads of West Yorkshire were incident-free, barring four minor shunts, which didn’t cause injury. www.safetycameraswestyorkshire.co.uk

The Holiday Weekend is also a time when we see additional motorcyclists on our roads. RoadSafe welcomes the renewed effort by the police across the country working in close conjunction with bikers. BikeSafe is an initiative run by Police Forces around the United Kingdom who work with the whole of the biking world to help to lower the number of motorcycle rider casualties. By passing on their knowledge, skills and experience, police motorcyclists can help you become a safer more competent rider. www.bikesafe.co.uk

There has again been much debate about speed cameras. RoadSafe is particularly pleased that The Department for Transport has agreed to amend the rules relating to signing – the revised rules will allow for repeater signs to be placed close to cameras sites and for additional roundels to be painted on the roads in 30MPH areas to remind drivers what the speed limit is. A full report on the revised signing rules will be given in our next edition.