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Joint initiative to make London's cyclists safer

3 April 2007

Transport for London (TfL) has announced two new campaigns to help reduce the risks cyclists face from heavy goods vehicles.

In the first, Ford's lorry drivers will be displaying warning signs on the back of more than 2,000 Ford HGV trailers. The signs carry the message 'cyclists - beware of passing this vehicle on the inside', to address the threat cyclists face from goods vehicles turning left.

TfL has also launched the latest stage of its Share the Road campaign, which encourages all road users to consider the impact of their behaviour on others. A new poster asks lorry drivers to take care when turning left and warns cyclists to be aware of large vehicles.

Jenny Jones, The mayor's road safety ambassador, said: "Despite the overall fall in the number of cyclists injured, the number killed by lorries continues to be way too high."

For further information contact Silka Kennedy-Todd on 020 7126 3394, or silkakennedy-todd@tfl.gov.uk