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Speeding drivers to go ‘back to school’ to avoid points and fines

14 April 2008

Speed awareness courses are to be introduced by all 43 police forces across Britain in the next 12 months according to The Daily Telegraph April 14 

Speeding motorists will be allowed to avoid the usual £60 fine and three penalty points on their licence by choosing to undergo the course, which is being introduced under new police rules.

The course will cost between £70 and £120 and will give drivers advice on how to avoid speeding and spot hazards.

Drivers who are caught ‘marginally’ above speed limits will be offered the option of attending a course.

The idea was contained in the Road Safety Act 2007. A number of police forces have been running such courses for several years including Thames Valley, Devon and Cornwall and Hertfordshire.

The Lancashire Speed Awareness Course first came into operation in June 2001, and won a Prince Michael Road Safety Award in 2004

It is offered as an alternative to a fine and penalty points for speeding. Designed by the Road Safety Group the course is managed and administered and run on behalf of Lancashire Constabulary. On average over a thousand clients per month take up the course. Each course, which is of approximately 6 hours duration, includes both classroom based activities and in-car training.