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Danger warning to drivers as clocks set to change

21 October 2008

Darker evenings return to the UK with the changing of the clocks on Sunday, October 26 prompting calls from Interactive Driving Systems for all road users to play a part in trying to reduce the toll of deaths and injuries on the country’s roads.

With the clocks being put back later this month following October 13’s awareness raising ‘European Road Safety Day’, Dr Will Murray, research director, Interactive Driving Systems, said: “Please take extra care as the nights draw in, as collision rates rise after the clocks change in October and visibility and weather conditions begin to worsen.”

Department for Transport data suggests that about 50% of all reported road collisions at night occur in wet conditions; even though in the UK it is wet on average only 10% of the nights.

Between 3-6pm is also a dangerous time - when people are travelling home after a busy day at work and children are making their way home from school. In summer up to a quarter of all collisions happen during these hours, but when the clocks go back, heavy traffic and rapidly deteriorating light increases this statistic to a third.

Dr Murray added: “Now is therefore a good time to focus on staying safe on the road this winter - whether you are driving on business or in your own time.

“The risks are particularly high during dark evenings, and drivers need to watch their speed as they are less likely to see vulnerable road users such as children, the elderly, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.”