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Royal Award for Staffordshire’s young driver’s black box programme

22 October 2008

A high profile innovative young driver training scheme that has harnessed the power of black box electronic wizardry has passed its own trial with flying colours, and now the Staffordshire scheme is set to spread worldwide.

Following a highly successful pilot, The Staffordshire Road Safety team, and the company that has developed the technology behind the programme - GreenRoad Technology have won a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for their innovative Young Driver Coaching Programme launched today with a target of engaging four hundred clients over the next twelve months,

The high tech black box system is fitted to young drivers’ cars to monitor how they drive. It records acceleration, cornering and other driver behaviours – giving instant feedback on a dashboard warning light system - and feeding into a computer record back home.

By looking at their driving patterns develop with their families and road safety trainers they can learn about how to improve and monitor their development.

The upshot of the six month trail is that all the drivers have improved their driving massively, with many transforming their attitude and becoming model drivers.

The scheme has been so successful that insurance company Admiral have come on board to support the scheme and offer a 25% discount to drivers who have successfully completed the scheme.

Analysis has shown that on average the young drivers have improved by an impressive 66% over the time of the trial. Some have achieved quite stunning levels of improvement.