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Policy in Action: The Best Practice Guide.

23 January 2020

FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp., the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety, and the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) have published a best practice guide, aimed at supporting community and non-government organisations (NGOs) advocating for safer cycling in European cities.

Authored by the ECF, together with the Dutch Cyclists’ Union (Fietsersbond) and the Danish Cyclists’ Federation (Cyklistforbundet), the guide gives a comprehensive overview of the behaviours, infrastructure, education, legal framework and enforcement in place in the Netherlands and Denmark - two countries that have successfully developed strong cycling cultures.

The guide aims to be a valuable source of information for organisations eager to create road conditions that will lead to greater numbers of cyclists, and improved safety for all road users.

Lotte Brondum, Executive Director, Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety, said “How safe people feel is an important factor in the mode of transport that they choose. This guide will be useful for the people on the ground — the road safety NGOs in their work for safer streets. They know the realities of their cities’ streets and they are well-placed to help governments put citizens at the heart of mobility interventions. This guide will give them the evidence base and guidance they need to advocate for measures that will help save lives.”

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