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Royal Awards recognise achievements in road safety management

16 December 2016

A number of organisations have been awarded a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for achievements and innovations in the field of road safety management. They were presented with their awards at an annual ceremony which took place at The Savoy, London.

The awards recognise outstanding achievement and innovation worldwide with the most outstanding examples of international road safety initiatives given public recognition through the scheme.

The awards for road safety management were:


The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) is the custodian of UN road safety conventions and agreements on traffic rules, road signs & signals, and construction & technical inspection of vehicles.

UNECE’s instruments promote road safety by providing a framework of legally binding standards that can be adopted by all UN Member States. In regard to vehicles construction, for example, the UNECE WP29 is responsible for the most important passenger car regulations such as: seat belt anchorages, safety belts & restraints, frontal collision, lateral collision, electronic stability control, pedestrian protection, child restraints. The application of these standards plays a vital role in raising levels of vehicle safety around the world.  Similarly, WP1 supports the harmonization of road traffic rules particularly through the Conventions on Road Traffic and on Road Signs and Signals of 1968.



  • Belize Road Safety Project

Since 2013 the Belize Road Safety Project has successfully demonstrated the benefits of all road safety partners working collaboratively using Safe System interventions on the Belize City and Belmopan corridor which accounted for almost 50% of all road traffic deaths in the country. The project is set to deliver a 20% reduction in serious road incidents.


  • Scotland’s Road Safety Framework to 2020

Scotland’s Road Safety Framework to 2020 ‘Go Safe on Scotland’s Roads it’s Everyone’s Responsibility’ was published in 2009 and sets out a strategic partnership approach to take Scotland towards an ultimate vision of zero fatalities and much reduced serious injuries on our roads.

It contains challenging casualty reduction targets, and identified 2015 as the year to report on milestones as a way of demonstrating the progress being made. Published road casualty data for 2015 showed that milestones had been met and a Mid-term Review has focused and prioritised Framework activity to exceed the targets by 2020.

  • Highways England

A Fatality Study has been used to provide an in depth view of the causation factors of all deaths on the strategic network. Strongly aligned with the safe system approach, it alters the traditional thinking of 9 in 10 collisions being due to driver/ rider error proving that it is closer to 4 in 10. Infrastructure weakness plays a larger role than was previously believed.

This study has underpinned the case for a road safety investment of £150 million to achieve the ambition that “no one should be harmed when travelling or working on the strategic road network”.



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