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Safer Road Users honoured with distinguished Royal Awards

19 December 2016

For nearly thirty years HRH Prince Michael of Kent has played a leading role in supporting improved road safety both in the United Kingdom and around the world.

The Prince established his awards scheme in 1987 in the UK and now fully international, the Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards recognize achievement and innovation in road safety worldwide.

Each year the most outstanding examples of international road safety initiatives are given public recognition through the scheme and this year winners in the Safer Road Users category are as follows:

  • Cambodia Road Safety Committee

The National Road Safety Committee plays a critical role leading and coordinating innovative, collaborative efforts across government, NGOs and private sector to improve road safety in Cambodia. It recently led the introduction of a new traffic law requiring for the first time that passengers - in addition to drivers - to wear helmets on motorcycles.

Legislative change has been reinforced through awareness raising, education and enforcement, addressing key risks and resulting in increased helmet use, safer road user behaviour and less fatalities.  These objectives align with the Cambodian Government’s aim to reduce fatalities by 50% by 2020 as part of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety, and promote safety, wellbeing and poverty alleviation for their citizens. To achieve this target head injuries must be prevented by increasing helmet use to save 3,950 lives by 2020.

  • Wheel Well

Road accidents cause around one third of non-natural, or injury-related, deaths among under-fives year olds in South Africa.

Wheel Well is a non-profit organization, which strives to be the most visible, audible and effective change-agent, focusing exclusively on road safety for children.  Its objective is to raise awareness, educate and effect changes and the enforcement of legislation on issues surrounding road safety of children both in and around the vehicle.

  • Transport for London ‘Safe Streets for London: Making cycling, walking and motorcycling safer in London'.

Transport for London (TfL) and the Mayor of London have an ambition to work together towards roads free from death and serious injury. 

Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists who together make up around 80 per cent of all those killed or seriously injured on London’s roads are the prime focus of ‘Safe Streets for London’, a comprehensive road safety plan underpinned the ambition to free London’s roads from killed and serious injury casualties.

Innovative analysis, determined ambition and positive leadership combine to ensure that the safety of London’s vulnerable road users continues to improve. This uncompromising focus on vulnerable road user safety sets an international benchmark.

TfL aims to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured (KSI) on London’s roads by 50 per cent by 2020 (stretched from 40 per cent) from the 2005-09 baseline.

TfL’s long term commitment to road safety is supported by a doubling of funding to road safety over the next decade. This significant increase is to ensure that the actions set out in the vulnerable road user plans are adequately resourced to deliver the significant reduction in KSIs required.

  • Freight Transport Association: Van Excellence programme.

Van Excellence is an industry-led programme facilitated by the Freight Transport Association (FTA) to encourage adoption of best-practice safety standards by van operators regardless of their sector or fleet size.

At its core is the Van Excellence Standard developed in consultation with leading van operators. The Standard provides practical and achievable guidance on ‘what good looks like’ in terms of safe van operations. The Standard provides the basis for Operator Accreditation, Operator Guides and both management and driver orientated training.

The primary objective of Van Excellence is to identify and share operational best-practice with van operators with a view to reducing exposure to risk to both employees and the public at large.

  • National Express: Driving Out Harm

National Express Group launched its Driving Out Harm safety programme in 2010 to emphasise the importance of safety in the business. This included new standards for the initial training and continual development of drivers. Their introduction has led to a reduction in safety incidents across all of the Group’s divisions, most notably in the ALSA business in Morocco, where incidents have fallen by 85% in the five years since the new standards were introduced. National Express Group operates in the UK, Continental Europe, North Africa, North America and the Middle East, employing over 44,000 people with a fleet of over 27,000 vehicles.

  • DriverMetrics

Founded at Cranfield University by Dr Lisa Dorn, DriverMetrics pioneered the behavioural safety approach with the use of the Driver Risk Index, a psychometric measure of driver behaviour. The Driver Risk Index has over 30 years of research and 75 peer-reviewed academic papers published to support its reliability and validity. The scales predict many aspects of driver behaviour, performance, driver error, violations and crash involvement. This makes DriverMetrics the world’s most evidence-based and globally benchmarked, driver risk assessment commercially available. The aim of DriverMetrics is to improve driver behaviour among private, public service and commercial fleet drivers.

  • eDriving

Globally, eDriving provides research-led, yet practical, proven, long term sustainable driver safety programmes, working work with clients (Fortune 500 to SME) and partners in vehicle supply, insurance, training, telemetry, econometric, government, university and NGO sectors.

Sustaining road safety, through innovative risk-led processes, has been at the heart of eDriving approach for 20 years. This is achieved through its Virtual Risk Manager (VRM) programme, which helps organisations build road safety into their DNA by bringing policy and multiple risk data streams to life, ensuring expectations are understood, reinforced and evaluated across teams, supply chains and communities.

eDriving’s approach is proven, with 1,000,000+ drivers, operators and riders securely registered on VRM globally.

  • Northumbria Police: Operation Dragoon

Operation Dragoon has given road safety a new ‘voice’ in the region. Its aims are to reassure the road using public that dangerous and inconsiderate driving will not be tolerated and will be taken seriously and to deter the most dangerous drivers from using the roads. This is achieved through a targeted programme of intelligence gathering, risk grading and prosecutions using a range of techniques including surveillance and monitoring. The long term objective is prevent reoffending.

One notable aspect of the programme has been to embed a reporting system reporting system into the communications centre to allow the public to report easily and swiftly.

  • Dubai Roads and Transport Authority

In 2009, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority set a target to reduce road fatalities by 30% by 2016. A project was developed to reduce child fatalities caused by road accidents through government agencies partnership consolidation of resources to improve traffic safety within Dubai by developing policies, technical and social programs to improve road safety for school children.

Both public and private sectors and social network channels were utilized to promote traffic safety messages.






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