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Scotland's Road Safety Framework wins prestigious award

13 December 2016

The Scottish Government’s Road Safety Framework has been awarded a distinguished Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.

The national framework has been recognised for its outstanding achievements and  strong collaboration with partners.

Since its inception in 2009 it has delivered many successes at both national and local level with targeted action such as the lowering of the drink-drive limit and a focus on increasing seatbelt usage.

The Road Safety Framework to 2020 sets out challenging casualty reduction targets and a partnership approach towards a vision of zero fatalities and reduced serious injuries on Scotland’s roads. The judges of the award recognised following the 2015 milestone point that the Framework remains on target to achieve these reductions.

Humza Yousaf, Minister for Transport and The Islands said:

“I am pleased that Scotland’s national strategy has been recognised for the significant achievements that it has delivered over the years built on a basis of strong partnership working.

“The Scottish Government is committed, through Scotland’s Road Safety Framework to 2020, to achieving safer road travel in Scotland.

“At a time when Great Britain elected to move away from national target-setting, preferring more localism, Scotland recognised the evidence which demonstrated that those countries which set targets achieved greater casualty reductions than those which did not. 

“However, until we have achieved the Framework’s ultimate vision, where fatalities on our roads are eradicated, we must never be complacent.

“That is why we conducted a mid-term review of the Framework which recognised the progress made since 2009, and three key priority focus areas around speed, age and vulnerable road users for activity through to 2020 to ensure we continue to make progress towards the casualty reduction targets.”



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