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Support for Older Drivers

6 March 2017

Following a further review of the recommendations of Supporting Safe Driving into Old Age, published by The Older Drivers Task Force in 2016, it has become clear that more emphasis is needed to signpost good advice.

John Plowman, chairman of the Older Drivers Task Force said, “Our aim is to help older people drive safely for longer by changing our culture. A key precondition is that older motorists should be medically fit to drive and seek advice when a limiting condition develops or gets worse, but age itself should not be a barrier to safe driving. We need to be open about offering advice and support and look at fresh ways of doing this. Encouraging voluntary, confidential driving appraisals so that they become the norm not a stigma and helping older drivers understand and use the latest safety-driven vehicle technology will make a big difference"

  • Although accident involvement for older drivers is generally low it increases by 20% for drivers 80 and older.
  • Research has shown that older drivers are good at compensating for their deficits, and tend to adopt safer attitudes toward driving and reduce their exposure to difficult driving environments.
  • In Europe, the number of people aged over 65 is projected to double by 2050

Evidence on Older Drivers is available on The RoadSafey Observatory here

Valuable sources which need promoting include:

  • The RoSPA Olders Drivers web site gives tips on how people can update their driving skills and knowledge to maintain their freedom and independence on the road, as well as advice for families or friends who are concerned about a loved one’s driving.
  • The Older Drivers' Forum established by Hampshire Police - a one-stop service for older motorists to find information, advice and training on safer driving. It brings together a number of stakeholders that all have a vital role in contributing towards helping the elderly stay safer on the roads. Rob Heard who managed the forum is available to assist others wishing to establish similar local groups.

Other advice is available on The Knowledge Centre