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Crashing cars into poles

14 May 2018

Four live demonstrations will show, for the first time in public, the effects of crashing into a traditional, rigid lamp-post at high speed vs the same crash into a “passive” lamp-post, as well as a low-speed urban crash into a lightweight aluminium signpost.

These carefully-choreographed crashes are part of Traffex Seeing Is Believing, a major 2-day outdoor event and indoor conference taking place at Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire, 27th -28th June 2018.

According to the Road Safety Foundation, the largest single cause of death on the UK’s EuroRAP network is run-off road crashes (30%). Unprotected or rigid roadside furniture can have fatal result following in a simple driver error. Passive poles are designed to absorb the impact of the vehicle or to fold with minimal damage to the car’s occupants.

The four demos are as follows:

27th June – 15.30

Slow speed 20mph small car, head-on impact into a passive safe standard 4m sign post
Reason for demo: There is a lack of understanding in the industry of the way aluminium poles perform when impacted at slow speeds in an urban environment. This should help inform the industry and dispel any myths surrounding the use of passive safe structures in built-up areas.
Although slow speed tests for certification are mandatory, this demonstration has never been performed in public before.
Expectation: Pole will stop the vehicle, replicating slow speed impact in urban environment.

High speed 60mph small car, head on impact into a passive safe 12m hinged lamp-post.
Reason for demo: To show that hinged columns can be passive safe: for maintenance crews to avoid working at height; and for road users.
Expectation: Column will shear at the base allowing the car to continue without a significant reduction in speed and more importantly very little intrusion into the cabin of the vehicle.

28th June – 14.30

High speed 60mph with small car, head on impact into a 10m steel lighting column installed with standard, planted root section.
Expectation: The vehicle will come to an immediate halt resulting in significant damage/ intrusion with the probability that any occupants would have experienced serious injury or death.

High speed 60mph with small car, head on impact into a passive safe 10m lighting column, installed with standard, planted root section.
Reason for demo: To demonstrate the level of intrusion and subsequent death/ serious injury that can result from impacting a steel column as opposed to the significantly reduced risk resulting from impacting into a passive column
Expectation: Column will begin to fold upon impact before shearing at the base allowing car to continue without a significant reduction in speed and more importantly very little intrusion into the cabin of the vehicle.

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