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RoSPA: Safety and Health Expo 2018.

18 June 2018 – A host of occupational and fleet health and safety experts from RoSPA will be sharing their professional advice and opinion at this year’s Safety and Health Expo 2018.

Better infrastructure will ease the journey of automated vehicles

15 June 2018 – Serious crashes on inter-urban roads may be slashed by a quarter over the next 30-40 years with the introduction of automated vehicles.

Carmaker warns use of the word ‘Autonomous’ is a danger to UK roads

13 June 2018 – The driver must always be in control. Use of the word Autonomous in carmaker marketing and literature is lulling drivers into a false sense of security, Thatcham Research warns

Crash investigation stepped up a gear

12 June 2018 – The RAC Foundation has received almost half a million pounds of government funding to pilot new ways of investigating road crashes.

The Asia Injury Prevention Foundation: Safe roads for life

11 June 2018 – Across the AIP Foundation program countries, it continues to work tirelessly everyday to ensure the safety of children and youth on the road.

Drink drivers face swifter justice with new roadside breathalysers

11 June 2018 – New roadside breathalyser technology and a new approach to road casualty investigation.

NETS 2018 Benchmark Conference - speakers announced

11 June 2018 – The 2018 NETS Strength IN Numbers® Benchmark Conference agenda is shaping up to be one of our most complete and wide-ranging set of proceedings on record.

International Conference: Road Safety - a responsibility of the company?

7 June 2018 – IRF (Geneva) is pleased to join hands with La Prévention Routière Internationale (PRI) & French Association "La Prévention Routière Française" and to support the International Conference on "Road Safety: a company's responsibility?" which will take place in Paris at Salon des Miroirs from 20 to 21 June 2018.

Improving road death data collection in the EU

7 June 2018 – A new report from ETSC looks at the state of the art of road death data collection across the EU. The authors include recommendations for improving the accuracy and scope of the data in order to better target road safety policy measures in the coming years.

Addressing the human factor post accident

5 June 2018 – Duty of Care regulations recognise that company cars, or private cars used for business, are an extension of the workplace and subject to the same rules safeguarding the welfare of staff

IRF Presents 2018 Global Road Safety Award to Highways England

1 June 2018 – The International Road Federation (IRF Global) has given its prestigious annual safety accolade - known as the 'Find a Way' award - to Highways England, a government-owned company charged with operating, maintaining and improving England's motorways and major A roads.

New case study by Gateshead Council

30 May 2018 – Log in now to read our Business Champion case studies including our latest updated Case Study from Gateshead Council who have reduced collisions by two thirds and fuel use by over 50,000 litres per year.