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São Paulo plans to cut traffic fatalities by half in 10 years

26 June 2019 – Sao Paulo is planning to become the first Brazilian city to adopt a road safety plan based on the ''Safe System'' approach.

RoSPA Fleet Safety Awards 2019

26 June 2019 – The winners of two prestigious fleet safety awards have been announced by RoSPA.

Older tyres banned to ‘improve road safety’

25 June 2019 – New laws banning older tyres on large vehicles to improve road safety could be introduced later this year, says the Department for Transport (DfT).

Prince Michael International Awards - Nominations

25 June 2019 – Nominations close next month

Commercial Fleet Awards

24 June 2019 – The Commercial Fleet Awards recognise and reward the hard work and achievements of the best commercial fleet departments, suppliers and manufacturers operating in the UK.

Leadership needed to change behaviour

24 June 2019 – Managing Director of Amey Highways and Driving for Better Business Ambassador, James Haluch, explains why leadership is so important to managing occupational road risk.

Using Telematics to understand individual driver risk

20 June 2019 – A challenge with using telematics systems to reduce driver risk is that whilst telematics data offers a high level indication of which drivers at the highest risk of a crash, it cannot tell you what specific behavioural motivation is causing each telematics violation.

iRAP’s Star Rating for Designs 4 Part Webinar Series

20 June 2019 – iRAP's Star Rating for Designs 4 Part webinar Series will be held in July.

Ireland’s leadership on road safety is “a model for the European Union”

19 June 2019 – Ireland is the winner of this year’s European Transport Safety Council Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) award.

26th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

17 June 2019 – IRF is pleased to support the 26th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

Bloomberg Philanthropies: new report concerning road safety in Latin America

12 June 2019 – A new report commissioned by Bloomberg Philanthropies reveals that more than 25,000 Latin American lives could be saved and over 170,000 serious injuries prevented by 2030 if United Nations (UN) vehicle safety regulations were applied by four key countries in the region—Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Brazil.

Hyundai uses artificial intelligence to develop safety systems

12 June 2019 – Hyundai will use artificial intelligence (AI) to develop the next generation of advanced safety systems.