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Driving test for autonomous vehicles

4 May 2016

Story from Road Safety GB.

The report, ‘Prioritising the Safety Potential of Automated Driving in Europe’, was published by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) and it recommends a revision of the EU type approval regime to ensure that automated vehicles comply with legal and safety requirements in all member states.

Autonomous vehicles are big business across the globe. The UK Government has repeatedly expressed its determination to take the lead in this area and in recent months has confirmed UK trials for driverless lorries, while also announcing a further £20m of investment into autonomous vehicle technology.

The ETSC says a major challenge for manufacturers of autonomous cars for use in Europe is making sure they are capable of following national road rules in all 28 EU countries – ‘hence the need for a comprehensive ‘driving test’ to independently verify that vehicles will operate safely under all conditions’.

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