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Analysis shows that motorcyclists aged 25 years are most at risk of being involved in a collision.

18 May 2017

Swinton Insurance, in partnership with IAM RoadSmart, conducted the analysis of 2015 statistics which also showed that:

  • male bikers were involved in 93% of collisions.
  • bikers are most likely to have a collision in daylight, travelling in a 30mph zone with dry road conditions.
  • A-Roads were found to be the most dangerous, with 79% of collisions occurring there compared to just 21% on other routes
  •  more collisions also occurred in urban areas.
  • 44% of collisions happened on bikes with an engine size of 50-125cc, whereas 9% involved a bike with an engine size of 50cc.

Rodney Kumar of IAM RoadSmart said, “We often find that while drivers and motorcyclists strive to be as safe as possible, some find it a challenge to understand exactly how to do so. And as time passes after our driving tests, some of the simple tips we learnt to help stay safe can fade into the background.

“That’s why it’s so important to offer useful and easily digestible information on how to be a safer driver. We are excited to partner with Swinton to help spread the word about national motorcycle safety.”


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