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Fleet Management Asia

1 October 2006

Today, many fleet operators the world over are focused on reducing costs associated with their business processes and fleet operations. Too much money and time is spent on issues that arise from lack of visibility, communication, and insight into key mobile sales or field operations processes, as well as money spent on fleet fuel consumption, driver behaviour, and insurance premiums.  Various aspects of the fleet must be closely monitored and dealt with to ensure long-term profitability.

One of the first international conferences on this topic - Fleet Management Asia

The need to transport people and goods is ever increasing. By focusing on your strength and managing your challenges, you are then able to divert those successes to satisfying the needs of your customers. The main challenge faced by fleet owners is the cost of operations. The factors affecting this are: -

Fuel: Fuel costs continue to rise and remain a key component of distribution costs and this will continue to limit any growth in profits.

Benefits: The costs of employee benefits packages continue to grow, although many companies have introduced programs that limit the growth of insurance and workers' compensation expenditures.

Labour: Labour contracts are being negotiated for longer periods of time, such as five and six years, with larger salary and benefits packages, thus increasing wage costs.

You as fleet owners must focus your energy in improving your companies by countering these issues. You must focus on the key issues that drive your business and plan for its success.

Attend this highly focused conference and transform strategy to become more effective.  See your returns in the form of lower operational cost, improved operational effectiveness and high quality customer satisfaction. Do not miss out on this one of a kind conference in Bangkok and ultimately become the leader in your industry.