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Winter Motoring Advice

11 November 2009

This winter, Motor Codes garages are passing on expert winter motoring advice to their customers. To make sure you stay safe and your car remains in good condition, follow these words of winter wisdom:

  • Top up oil and water levels and ensure that you dilute antifreeze and screen wash to a winter concentration.
  • Inflate your tyres to the correct pressure and check that there is at least 3mm of tread (almost twice the minimum legal limit of 1.6mm). Clearing water becomes even more essential in wet winter months and a deeper tread will make the task much more efficient.
  • Use a quality de-icer spray and a scraping tool to clear ice from your windscreen. Don't use hot water to defrost the windows as it can crack the screen. On the inside, if your car has air conditioning, use it with the heater to speed up the de-misting process.
  • Regularly wash your vehicle with a quality bodywork shampoo to remove salty deposits and road grime. Never use washing-up liquid as it can speed-up paintwork corrosion. Additionally, an application of a high-quality car wax will protect and preserve your paintwork.
  • Take care of your car's battery as cold weather combined with the use of lights, heaters and wipers can accelerate its deterioration. Make sure your engine is running before switching on any electrical systems to preserve the battery’s life.
  • When setting out, particularly on a long journey, wear warm clothing and take a blanket in the car. It’s also sensible to have food and drink with you in case you become stranded.
  • In poor visibility or icy conditions, drive more slowly and smoothly, leaving longer braking distances – double in the wet and up to ten times further in icy conditions.
  • Have your car serviced at a Motor Codes garage to ensure it runs safely and smoothly throughout the winter months.