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Campaign commits to help Van Best Practice Programme deliver the goods

13 November 2009

Driving for Better Business is fully behind the Van Best Practice programme - which was launched earlier this month. The Van Best Practice programme is a reinforcement of the message that good management improves profit and also makes for a safer, cleaner world.

Duty of care in respect of effectively managing health and safety on the road has been on the government agenda for a number of years but evidence from the police and the Health and Safety Executive shows that the majority of businesses - particularly small and medium-sized firms - are turning a blind eye.

Pivotal to the success of the Driving for Better Business campaign has been the proactive engagement by its Business Champions, who have embraced the challenges and are reaping the benefits - not just with safety but also on the all-important bottom line. The Van Best Practice Programme has drawn on the experiences and achievements of many of these Champions to help shape this latest initiative and Driving for Better Business will continue to offer support and advice to ensure that organisations gain maximum benefit across their business.

Ross Clarkson, Marketing Director of ‘Business Champion’ company Northgate Vehicle Hire, Britain’s largest rental organisation with a predominantly all van fleet of 63,000 vehicles, said:

“Safety and the environment from a fleet operational perspective go hand-in-hand and deliver cost savings.”

“Taken together, improved MPG and a lower accident risk mean financial savings for business. In addition, companies see their carbon footprint reduce.”

For more information on the Van Best Practice programme click here.