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Government launches public sector 'grey' fleet management campaign

13 November 2009

A campaign aimed at improving the way the public sector manages its ‘grey’ fleet use - employee-owned vehicles used for work related journeys - has been launched by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC).

The campaign aims to raise the profile of the issues and opportunities presented by managing ‘grey’ fleet, as well as helping organisations and employees adopt safer, more cost effective and sustainable forms of travel.

Evidence suggests ‘grey’ fleet makes up around 57% of total road mileage used by the public sector, according to the OGC. It is estimated that reducing ‘grey’ fleet mileage by 1,000,000 miles could unlock an estimated £250,000 in cash savings and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 240 tonnes.

Among other things, the campaign aims to help organisations adopt ways to eliminate unnecessary travel, transfer existing mileage to alternative forms of travel that are safer and more sustainable, as well as ensure policies are in place to check drivers are using appropriately maintained vehicles, and have appropriate insurance and driving documents.

‘Grey’ fleet vehicles are generally older than company cars and are known to contribute the bulk of the road transport emissions in some organisations. Further information is available at www.ogc.gov.uk