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Grey fleet drivers continuing to delay maintenance as recession bites

12 November 2009

‘Grey’ fleet drivers are continuing to delay essential maintenance to their vehicles thanks to the pressures of the recession, says CFC Solutions.

The fleet software company first highlighted the issue six months ago but says that the effects of the economic slowdown mean that ‘grey’ fleet drivers are falling still further behind when it comes to ensuring that their vehicles are in a roadworthy condition.

Managing director Neville Briggs said: “When the recession began, we started to notice - from feedback from our customers and as an analysis of the data we hold - that many employees were being tempted more than ever to let maintenance standards slip, to put off scheduled servicing for a while, or to delay replacing a worn tyre.

“However, as the economic slump has continued and personal money problems have increased, these problems seem to be becoming worse. Many drivers who initially delayed servicing for a month seem to have decided that they will put it off for as long as they can. The same attitude is even being taken to areas such as tyre safety.”

He said: “It is clear that companies should be taking their ‘grey’ fleet responsibilities more seriously than ever.”

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