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Motorists in Hampshire 'Choose 30' in rural villages

16 December 2009

 Hampshire County Council’s Village 30 project, is an ongoing community scheme to reduce speed.

Revised Department for Transport (DfT) guidance (Setting Local Speed Limits DfT Circular 01/2006) makes it clear that ‘villages should have comparable speed limits to similar roads in urban areas’ meaning that a 30mph limit should be the norm in villages.

Community evidence was required and many residents outlined reasons including the strength of feeling expressed for reduced limits, particular dangers that exist for the village due to the nature of the road, their fears and concerns as a community.

A Choose 30 high profile publicity campaign has been created to support the programme.

The only real indicator of its’ effectiveness at this stage has been speed monitoring, initial results show there has been a 9% reduction in mean speeds. A study by the Transport Research Laboratory shows that for every 1 mph reduction in average speed there will be a 5% reduction in injury accidents.

Ultimately Hampshire’s drivers are likely to live in villages which are part of the scheme, and over time with education and publicity they’ll understand and enjoy the benefits of reduced limits on roads that were once faster, and drive accordingly boosting the success of Village 30.

For more information please contact Charlotte Tilling, 01962 832204.