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Road Safety GB sees potential in 'Young Driver' Scheme

24 February 2010

While the police and RoSPA have raised concerns about a new scheme designed to help teach 11-16 year-olds how to drive carefully, the chair of Road Safety GB feels the scheme has 'real potential' and should be 'allowed to develop' according a recent article.

RoadSafe takes the view that there are many schemes which are well managed and well founded, including those run successfully in a number of European countries, all of which are based on sound research evidence showing that early introduction to driving, particularly with good parental support, makes young drivers more aware of the risks facing them and their responsibilities.

Roadsafe also believes that there are many practical pre-learner schemes such as the one run at Mercedes Benz World which is specifically geared to the younger market ranging from kids driving (12-14 years) to passing your driving test (17 plus), as well as providing a forum for the young driver to interact with other academy fans.

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