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Scenery - The new killer

1 September 2006

30 August 2006

According to a recent survey DRIVER distraction has been highlighted as a major contributor to road accidents.

British landmarks like the Angel of the North and areas such as the Lake District are causing drivers to lose concentration.

Privilege Insurance says one in four drivers have been distracted by spectacular views in the Lake District, while a sixth of respondents lost concentration when passing the Angel of the North statue near Newcastle.

The survey of more than 2,000 motorists found that male drivers were the worst culprits; with a third saying their attention was diverted by scenery, compared with fewer than a quarter of women.

Privilege managing director Ian Parker said: ‘Our advice to motorists is that it’s even more important than usual to concentrate on your driving on unfamiliar roads, no matter how beautiful or fascinating the surrounding landscapes.

Full article on Fleet News (registration required)

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