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Speed cameras have halved serious accidents

7 April 2010

The number of people killed or seriously injured at speed camera sites in Northern Ireland has halved since their introduction, according to Edwin Poots, the Environment Minister for the Northern Ireland Assembly. The decline in injuries or fatalities in areas not covered by the technology was significantly less.

RoadSafe believes that eliminating excessive speed will save lives. The challenge is for driving at inappropriate speed to be seen as anti social.

RoadSafe works with others...

  • To support and promote programmes of coordinated action in a whole range of areas including engineering, technology, training, communication, regulation and its enforcement.
  • To develop integrated initiatives to encourage stakeholders to introduce sensible speed policies and modern technologies to give better driver information.
  • To identify and promote local successful speed reduction initiatives and policies, then campaign to have them adopted nationally.

We do not believe that speed cameras alone reduce crashes or are a substitute for an overt police presence, but strongly support their use in association with well targeted public information campaigns.

Further information and more about our policy is available here.