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Safe vehicles and applied technology are keys to new European Safety programme

20 July 2010

The European Commission has today adopted an ambitious Road Safety Programme, which aims to halve road deaths in Europe in the next decade.

The programme sets out a mix of initiatives, at European and national level, focussing on improving vehicle safety, the safety of infrastructure and road users' behaviour.

There are Six Strategic Objectives:

  • Improved Safety Measures for Vehicles
  • Building safer road infrastructure
  • Boost Smart Technology
  • Strengthening education and training for road users
  • Better enforcement
  • A new focus on Motorcyclists

We are delighted that applied technology is seen as an important contributor to the strategy. We are particularly pleased that advanced vehicle safety systems form a key element of the strategy, and encourage all who are procuring new vehicles to understand the benefits of these technologies.

It does seem, however, that an opportunity has been missed in the programme to explicitly encourage the private sector, which should be asked to play its role in improving the management of those who drive for work.

Further comments:

ETSC, believes that although the goal is ambitious the measures are weak.

The IAM is disappointed that a new EU road safety initiative has failed to take driver training into consideration beyond the learner test; and has commented that no mention is made of further training for business drivers either.

RoSPA, says the European Commission's publication of its plans for halving road deaths across the European Union should be an added catalyst in the bid to improve safety on the UK’s roads.

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