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Keep our streets bright and safe

29 October 2010

RoadSafe has joined Autoglass in a campaign to keep Britain's street lights switched on.

Councils across the UK are turning off street lights to save money and reduce their C02 emissions. Research commissioned by Autoglass shows this is causing great public concern.

The study also found the risk of pedestrians being involved in a road accident trebles on unlit roads. Yesterday, (28 October) RoadSafe and Autogalss appealed to councils to consider the safety implications, and not just the financial savings in their plans.

Lights or no lights, this is a timely reminder to all road users to take care in the darker months, particularly as the clocks go back. In the seven days following the clock change, Autoglass found the number of road accidents increased forfold, as drivers take time to adjust to the different conditions.

The message to all road users is to see and be seen. As well as front and rear lights, cyclists should wear high visibility clothing. Pedestrians should wear something light and bright to help drivers see them.

Parents are advised to make sure their children have something high vis on them too, bands, straps or stickers can easily be worn on top of winter clothes. THINK! has more advice

All road users must never assume they have been seen by another.

Autoglass has these tips for drivers.

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