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Car occupant safety improving

17 November 2010

The number of people killed and seriously injured (KSI) in cars has fallen by 9%, according to the latest Department for Transport figures. In the year ending June 2010, 10,350 car occupants KSI were recorded, compared to 11,424 in the year ending June 2009.

In the same period, traffic flow decreased by 0.9% and the number of fatal and serious accidents on all roads dropped by 7%.

Cars are getting safer. Increased fitment of electronic stability control, for example, is helping reduce and mitigate crashes. Other active safety features, like seatbelt reminders and lane departure warning, will be increasingly available in the next few years.

Such innovation, which leads to legislation, bodes well for vehicle safety. However, RoadSafe fears the spending squeeze could slow progress to upgrade roads and improve driving.

Central and local governments have made great efforts to reduce road casualties, and the Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards have recognised many of their initiatives over the years. RoadSafe urges road safety professionals to continue innovating and offers its full support in these difficult financial times.

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