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White Lines Save Lives

11 November 2010

Better centre line markings on the UK's most dangerous roads could help save 125 deaths and serious injuries, according to a report.

The centre line markings on eight of out ten of the UK’s most dangerous roads are so worn that one third is almost non-existent, and half of the lines fall below the minimum specifiable standard, according to report to be published later this month by the Road Safety Markings Association at its “Seeing is Surviving” conference.

International research shows simple white lines can reduce crashes by 30%. The Report will show:

  • Road users are being killed and seriously injured on the UK’s most deadly roads – often for want of the cost of a pot of paint
  • White lines on the UK’s most dangerous roads are twice as bad as those on the overall road network
  • A 5-mile section of the A6135 north of Sheffield has the worst road markings in the survey with three-quarters of markings non-existent or highly worn
  • Spend of £2.55 per metre on centre line markings on the UK’s most dangerous roads could help to save 125 deaths and serious injuries
  • Investment in road markings on 7 out of 10 most improved roads is already helping to save lives 
  • On one of the worst roads – a 5-mile section of the A6135 between Ecclesfield and junction 36 of the M1 (Hoyland) – three-quarters of the markings are either barely visible or need an immediate schedule for replacement.

Taking the top 10 most dangerous roads identified in the latest Road Safety Foundation report (2006-2008), the RSMA assessed the quality of centre lines.

Of the ten dangerous roads which had most improved, as identified by the Road Safety Foundation, seven had undergone targeted road marking treatments, with improvements resulting in reductions in fatal and serious crashes by as much as 74%.

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