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A Decade of Action for Road Safety

4 January 2011

The international community is planning the global launch of the Decade of Action for Road Safety for 11 May 2011.

Officially proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in March 2010, the Decade of Action provides a framework for countries and communities to save lives on the world's roads.

The objectives are to:

  • draw attention to the Decade, the impact of the global road safety crisis and the prospects for prevention 
  • provide an opportunity for governments, international agencies, civil society organizations, the private sector and other stakeholders to announce their respective plans for the Decade

At the global level, a 24-hour rolling-event will begin in the East and travel to the West over a one-day period. In each of the world's 24 time zones, one or several countries will take the lead in organizing a high-profile, media-oriented event.

It is hoped that heads of state and ministers from various sectors of society will show their commitment to scaling up road safety efforts. RoadSafe is cooperating with PACTS on a London event, with support from the FIA Foundation.

The UN Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC) is planning the global launch of the Decade. UNRSC works as an informal consultative mechanism. Its members are committed to road safety efforts and in particular to the implementation of the recommendations of the World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention

By facilitating international cooperation and strengthening global and regional coordination among UN agencies and other international partners, the Collaboration's goal is to implement UN General Assembly Resolutions and the recommendations of the World Report to support programmes in individual countries. 

RoadSafe is a member of UNRSC and has helped develop the Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.

A new global symbol for road safety has been unveiled ahead of the launch. Wear the symbol - support the Decade.

Please email, decade@roadsafe.com to get involved.

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