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TNT Express management drive towards zero fatal accident rate worldwide

7 January 2011

TNT Express is focusing on achieving a zero fatal accident rate worldwide by taking road risk management measures used in mature markets like the UK, and is using them in emerging countries. 

It is one of the world's leading business-to-business express delivery service providers. In 2006, TNT Express recorded 14 fatalities involving its vehicles around the world. In 2008, the number jumped to 47.

The company says it recognises this as a consequence of operating on a much larger scale in emerging markets with little known infrastructures and specific road safety challenges.

This prompted TNT Express to develop road safety action plans and sustainable solutions based on its policies and procedures already implemented in mature markets such as the UK and Ireland.

Kevin Warburton, UK and Ireland divisional health, safety and environment manager based in Birmingham, said, “This has led to a much improved performance with a reduction of approximately 50% in the number of fatal accidents in 2009 to 24. This focus will be maintained until TNT reaches its zero fatal accident ambition.”

The TNT Express focus on a zero-tolerance approach to fatalities worldwide and the measures it has introduced means the company is already one of more than 50 business champions within the Driving for Better Business campaign, delivered by RoadSafe.

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