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20 mph limits are an advantage for motorists

12 January 2011

According to research, far from being anti-motorist, 20 mph limits give drivers many advantages.

The 20s Plenty For Us campaign says drivers will save money and be healthier and greener when authorities adopt community-wide default 20 mph limits without humps. It says some roads will have higher speeds where merited and trips will take less than 40 seconds more, on average.

Other benefits include:

  • Fewer injured car users. Overall there were 22% fewer casualties in 20 mph zones in Portsmouth: drivers had 23% fewer and passengers 31% fewer after 2 years of wide area 20 mph limits2. Elderly drivers had 50% fewer injuries and 40% fewer injured passengers.
  • Reduced fuel use, CO2 emissions and costs. In Germany, 30km/h (18.6 mph) zones led to car drivers changing gear 12% less often, braking 14% less often and using 12% less fuel.
  • Less Congestion. At 20 mph more cars occupy the same road space due shorter gaps between them compared to those travelling at 30 mph, easing traffic flow.

Click for more 20 mph benefits.

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